Sen. Kamala Harris Tells HBCU Grads To ‘Speak Truth And Serve’ In The Fight Ahead

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Ca.) had a timely message for Howard University graduates stepping into post-college life in the Trump era.

The senator, who graduated from the historically black college in 1986, told students at the school?s commencement in Washington, D.C., on Saturday that they are graduating at a unique time in this country?s history. Citing policies that affect mass incarceration, immigration and health care under leaders ?we no longer believe the words of,? Harris told the Class of 2017, ?indeed we have a fight ahead.?

?And it?s a fight to determine whether we are willing to stand up for our deepest values,? she said. ?Because let?s be clear ? we are better than this.?

She urged students to realize there?s no limit to the impact they can have when they reject the ?false choices? placed upon them.

?The reality is on most matters, somebody is going to make the decision ? so why not let it be you?? she said. ?Because, if we?re going to make progress anywhere, we need you everywhere. And, sometimes to make change you?ve got to change how change is made.?

Harris also invoked Howard?s motto ? ?Veritas et Utilitas,? meaning ?Truth and Service? ? to deliver her point of how the graduates can make a difference. The senator insisted that the graduates speak out, ?even when it?s uncomfortable or inconvenient.?

She shared an anecdote about her time as a prosecutor during the 1990s crack epidemic, when she admonished co-workers who were ready to criminalize certain people based on where they lived, how they dressed and the kind of music they listened to. Harris told the graduates that they would be in similar situations and they may be the only one in the room who looks like them, but they should never remain silent and instead let their alma mater?s motto be their guiding principle: 

?At a time when there are Americans ? disproportionately black and brown men ? trapped in a broken system of mass incarceration … speak truth ? and serve. At a time when men, women and children have been detained at airports in our country simply because of the God they worship ? speak truth ? and serve. At a time when immigrants have been taken from their families in front of schools and outside courthouses ? speak truth ? and serve. And at a time of incredible scientific and technological advances as well ? when we?re dreaming of a mission to Mars ? and unraveling the mysteries of the brain ? and entrepreneurs in my home state of California are even starting to test flying cars … speak truth ? and serve.

Watch a clip from Harris? speech below. 

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Health Officials Discuss Sending Experimental Ebola Vaccine To Congo

A World Health Organization spokesman on Sunday confirmed two Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, bringing the outbreak?s total to 19 suspected and confirmed cases, including three deaths. Health agencies are now in preliminary discussions about sending an experimental vaccine to the outbreak area.

The vaccine, developed in the wake of the 2014 West Africa outbreak, was deemed highly effective last year following a large-scale trial of the vaccine in Guinea in 2015. It has not yet been dispatched to the DRC, but health agencies are considering sending the 300,000 available vaccine doses. (A public-private partnership between Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and Merck stockpiled the vaccine for just such a situation.) 

The Ebola cases have occurred in a largely inaccessible rural area in the country?s northeast.

?On the one hand, it?s lucky because the illness probably can?t spread on a wide scale. But on the other hand, it?s far from medical access,? WHO communications officer Eugène Karambi told HuffPost last week.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the worst in history, lasted two years and killed more than 11,000 people, primarily in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.  

In comparison, an unrelated Ebola outbreak in DRC in 2014 lasted four months and killed 49 people before it was stemmed, according to CNN.

The Ebola virus, which is spread through direct contact with blood or bodily fluids, such as sweat, feces, vomit or semen, is highly contagious and extremely fatal if untreated, with an average survival rate of approximately 50 percent, according to WHO.

Health officials hope that DRC?s previous brushes with Ebola will mean this year?s outbreak is quickly contained.  

?The fact that this is a country that has experience dealing with Ebola should give us hope that we won?t see a pandemic on the scale of the 2014 outbreak that hit West Africa,? Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, told The Atlantic in a statement. ?We stand ready to support the DRC Government in its fight against Ebola.?

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Preet Bharara To Rosenstein On Special Prosecutor: Do The Right Thing

Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has issued an impassioned plea to his former colleague, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to do the right thing, stand up to Donald Trump and demand a special prosecutor in the Russian investigation.

In the wake of Trump?s firing of FBI Director James Comey last week, Bharara argued in an opinion piece in The Washington Post Sunday that the only ?common-sense? solution is the appointment of an ?independent and uncompromised special counsel to oversee the Russia investigation.?

?Given the manner of Comey?s firing and the pretextual reasons proffered for it, there is no other way,? he added.

To take an ethical stand now could redeem Rosenstein?s reputation, Bharara indicated. Though Rosenstein is a ?respected career prosecutor,? he has ?mostly deserved the doubts he generated with his peculiar press-release-style memo purporting to explain Comey?s sudden sacking,? Bharara wrote.

?He can still fix it. The move would not only ensure the independence of the investigation, but also provide evidence of Rosenstein?s own independence.?

Bharara concluded: ?History will judge this moment. It?s not too late to get it right, and justice demands it.?

Bharara?s pleas however, come amid continued concerns about the independence of the Justice Department and Rosenstein after Comey?s firing.

Rosenstein, who has the power to appoint a special prosecutor, has so far seen no need to do so despite increasing demands for an independent investigator.

Trump finally conceded to Lester Holt in an interview on NBC News last week that his decision to fire Comey was a unilateral one that he had made even before an expression of concern about Comey in a three-page memo from Rosenstein.

Trump also admitted that the FBI?s investigation concerning Russian interference in the presidential election and possible collusion by Trump?s campaign team was part of his decision to remove Comey. ?This Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story,? Trump told Holt.

The fact that Trump fired the leader of a probe that could include the president himself triggered critics? accusations of obstruction of justice by Trump, a concern that could be grounds for impeachment, some experts have argued

But Rosenstein ? and press secretary Sean Spicer and aide Sarah Huckabee Sanders ? provided shifting ?cover stories? for Trump?s firing that in no way included the president?s worries about the Russian probe. Trump asked Rosenstein to write a memo on concerns about Comey which made it appear that the president was following Rosenstein?s recommendation (though the letter did not in fact recommend getting rid of the FBI director).

The Washington Post reported that Rosenstein threatened to quit if Trump made his memo the key reason for Comey?s firing. But Rosenstein has denied the Post report.

Rosenstein isn?t the only official Bharara has demanded should do the right thing.

He also asked for a full bipartisan investigation in Congress with ?no partisan nonsense ? just a commitment to finding the facts, whatever they may be, proving (or disproving) Russian interference in our election and anything related.?

In addition, he noted, the new FBI director ?must be apolitical and sensitive to the law-enforcement mission.?

In the ?tumult of this time,? Bharara asked: ?Are there still public servants who are prepared to say no to the president??

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College Student Creates A Mobile Directory Of 600 Books That Prioritize Diversity

As a kid, Kaya Thomas enjoyed reading. ?No matter how old I was, what I was going through, how I felt in any moment, a book was always a means of escape? she wrote in a blog post in 2015. ?A way to dive into a new world and become a new character.?

As a self-professed ?nerdy black girl in high school,? Thomas? love of books, and the escapism they afforded, only grew. She?d read three or four a week, seeking solace in their pages when she ?felt very different than most of my peers.?

Something changed in those high school years, though. As a mature reader, she began to pay more attention to how the characters in her favorite books were described ? namely, how they were meant to look. ?When I was a teenager I began to realize that a lot of the books I read didn?t have characters that looked like me,? she?s since admitted. ?Realizing that made me feel invisible.?

So as a student at Dartmouth College, Thomas decided to do something about her sense of invisibility. Not only did she search the internet, compiling her own list of books written by authors of color that put characters of color in primary storylines, she learned to code so that she could share her database with other young readers. After taking part in a Black Girls Code hackathon, and learning the ins and outs of iOs during an internship, Thomas devised an iPhone app that functioned as a directory of 300 books showcasing characters of color.

?Young people should be able to see themselves represented in literature, so they know that their stories are important and that there are authors who […] celebrate their background and show the real lives of people like them,? Thomas wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. She cited books like Nalo Hopkinson?s The Chaos and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie?s Purple Hibiscus as influential titles in her own life.

?When young people don?t see themselves represented positively in books, TV, movies and other forms of media, that erasure really harms self-image and how you perceive yourself as you grow up,? she added.

Thomas? app ? We Read Too ? launched in 2014 and has since grown to include over 600 relevant books. It?s also amassed over 15,000 iPhone users, who?ve downloaded the free app and suggested 1,600 other titles be added to the database. And Thomas wants to meet their demands.

Her skills as an iOS developer have grown throughout the course of her various internships and engagement with online development communities. She recently launched an Indiegogo campaign with the hopes of updating her app, quickly surpassing her goal of raising $10,000. Now with a stretch goal of $25,000, she has a few more objectives in mind: hire someone to review the books users suggest and grow the database to include 1,000 titles, create an Android version of We Read Too and initiate a UI redesign, and create a website version of her directory.

?My goal for We Read Too is for it to be the primary directory that contains thousands of works by authors of color of various genres,? Thomas explained. ?I want to celebrate these authors and for them to always have a place where their work is celebrated and showcased. ?

Thomas describes the response to her app as overwhelmingly positive. She?s seen downloads from all over the world, with parents, educators and students praising the database in reviews.

?I was overwhelmed with joy,? Thomas wrote online. ?I knew that if my app had even helped one person feel represented and show them that their stories are being told too, I had done the right thing. This is why technology needs a diverse set of developers making software. We all have stories to tell and we all have communities we love, let?s make technology for us and for those communities.?

As a rising developer, Thomas recognizes the essential role art and culture play in tech communities. Books and music, she says, were just as important to her experience as science and math. Because of that, she seems to favor the STEAM acronym over its shortened cousin.

?I think a lot of folks don?t realize that STEM needs the creativity and mindset that comes from the artistic community,? she concluded. ?The two fields are linked and one should not get more support over the other.?

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‘Boss Baby’ Dethrones ‘Beauty And The Beast’ At The Box Office

LOS ANGELES ( – ?Boss Baby? is enjoying the view from the top.

The animated comedy bottled up a leading $49 million from 3,773 locations, edging out Disney?s ?Beauty and the Beast,? a box office juggernaut that?s dominated the multiplexes since debuting three weeks ago. ?Beauty and the Beast? added another $ $48 million to its mammoth $395.5 million domestic haul. The weekend?s other new release, Paramount?s ?Ghost in the Shell? bombed, taking in a demoralizing $19 million.

Critics were cool toward ?Boss Baby,? which centers on a cuteness standoff between babies and puppies. Alec Baldwin, in vulpine ?Glengarry Glen Ross? mode, voices a power suit-wearing infant, leading a vocal cast that includes Tobey Maguire, Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lisa Kudrow. DreamWorks Animation produced the film for over $100 million, with Fox distributing the picture. Heading into the weekend, ?Boss Baby? had been projected to debut to $30 million.

?The picture works because it?s a great concept and having Alec Baldwin, who is such as well known voice, voicing a baby is near genius,? said Chris Aronson, Fox?s head of domestic distribution.

Aronson said he was surprised that the reviews for the film weren?t stronger.

?I was shocked and still am,? said Aronson. ?It?s nice when you have critics and audiences aligned, but it?s painful when you don?t get it. You wonder why do audiences like it so much and the reviewers don?t??

?Ghost in the Shell,? an adaptation of a popular Japanese manga about a cyber-enhanced warrior (a be-spandexed Scarlett Johansson) who must take down a cabal of terrorist hackers, was produced in conjunction with DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment. If it wants to fight its way into the black, it will need to get a big lift from foreign crowds. To that end, the science-fiction story pulled in $40.1 million abroad from 50 foreign territories.

Paramount has gone through a punishing run at the box office, enduring costly flops such as ?Allied? and ?Ben-Hur,? while going through a series of executive shakeups that resulted in the ousters of Chairman Brad Grey and Vice-Chairman Rob Moore. It has a newly named studio chief in Jim Gianopulos, the former head of Fox?s film division, whose task it will be to bring more creative stability to the company.

?Ghost in the Shell?s? rollout was nearly subsumed by controversy over its casting and accusations that by tapping Johansson the film had engaged in ?whitewashing.? It was cited as exhibit A in a larger, industry-wide debate about studios? habits of employing white actors in Asian roles.

Lionsgate?s ?Power Rangers? and Warner Bros. and Legendary?s ?Kong: Skull Island? rounded out the top five, earning $14.5 million and $8.8 million, respectively. The Power Rangers reboot has grossed $65.1 million in two weeks of release, while the latest King Kong remake has made $147.8 million after four weeks in theaters.

In limited release, Focus Features? ?The Zookeeper?s Wife? opened to $3.3 million in 541 locations this weekend. Jessica Chastain stars in the film as a woman in World War II era Warsaw who tries to save Jews during the Holocaust.

CORRECTION: The original headline for this article misstated the name for ?Boss Baby? as ?Baby Boss.? 

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Monday’s Morning Email: Political Showdown Looms Over Gorsuch Confirmation


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WHY THE NUCLEAR OPTION IS LOOKING POSSIBLE Republicans need 8 Democrats to vote for President Donald Trump?s Supreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, to reach the 60 votes required to confirm him this week without the invocation of the nuclear option. So far they have three. Here?s how every Senate Democrat intends to vote. [HuffPost]

WHITE HOUSE FINISHES NORTH KOREAN RESPONSE OVERVIEWThe completion of the economic and military sanctions list was accelerated for Trump to discuss with China?s President Xi Jinping this week. [Reuters]

?HOW UBER USES PSYCHOLOGICAL TRICKS TO PUSH ITS DRIVERS? BUTTONS? ?Employing hundreds of social scientists and data scientists, Uber has experimented with video game techniques, graphics and noncash rewards of little value that can prod drivers into working longer and harder ? and sometimes at hours and locations that are less lucrative for them.? [NYT]

PHOTOS SHOW THE AFTERMATH OF THE DEVASTATING FLOODS IN COLOMBIA Which killed over 250 people this weekend. [HuffPost]

WHY ALL THESE NATIONAL MONUMENTS WERE LIT BLUE LAST NIGHT Including the White House and Empire State Building. [HuffPost]

?GAY MEN ARE BEING ROUNDED UP AND KILLED IN CHECHNYA? ?A Chechen spokesman denied the report, saying, ?You cannot arrest or repress people who just don?t exist.?? [HuffPost]


?I?LL TAKE ANY JOB? Meet the Syrian refugees looking for work in America. [HuffPost]

THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS? When they trolled the Oscars for that best picture flub. Miranda Lambert thanked her fans for sharing in her ?heartbreak? after winning Album and Female Vocalist of The Year. We could not love this Tim McGraw-Faith Hill performance any more. The Backstreet Boys apparently do country now? And here?s a full list of winners. [HuffPost]

THE BEST APRIL FOOL?S JOKES Minus how sad people were that George Takei wasn?t running for Congress. [AdWeek]

LIAM NEESON MAY HAVE JUST FOUND THE MOST LIAM NEESON ROLE As the detective who all American detectives are based on ? Philip Marlowe. [Variety]

UNC AND GONZAGA MAY BE GOING TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FOR MEN?S COLLEGE BASKETBALL But the historic upset of the women?s UConn basketball team by Mississippi State, ending their 111-game winning streak, was one for the record books. It might have been topped by South Carolina beating Mississippi State to take home the school?s first NCAA national title. [HuffPost]

CHANDLER HAS IT COMING Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau challenged Matthew Perry to a rematch of their schoolyard fight, and we?ve got to say our money?s on Trudeau. [HuffPost


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Can we invest in cars instead of stocks? You can drive a car but you can?t do anything with a stock. Although maintaining a car is going to take a lot more effort and expense than a stock. But most classic cars will give better return than any stock. Every enthusiast has his eyes on the new season of scavenger hunt in Louisville, KY.The scavenger hunt, in Louisville, KY, is the perfect chance to start your hunting “career”But you do need to invest a lot more on a car.

‘Walking Dead’ Actor Daniel Newman Comes Out As LGBT

?Walking Dead? actor Daniel Newman opened up about his sexuality publicly for the first time, coming out as LGBT to fans on his social media platforms. 

The 35-year-old star, who has also appeared in ?The Dark Night Rises? and ?Sex and the City,? first made the announcement on Twitter Thursday evening. 

Though he stopped short of using the words ?gay? or ?bisexual? in reference to himself, Newman elaborated further in an emotional, nearly-seven-minute YouTube video. The star said he felt compelled to come out after volunteering at a shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth in the clip, which can be viewed below. 

?I was helping out and volunteering at some homeless youth shelters, and this girl came up to me. She was like, ?Thank you so much for helping out with [LGBTQ kids], and she said it like she didn?t deserve it,? Newman said. ?She said, ?Because you?re straight.?? When the actor told the girl that he wasn?t, in fact, straight, she informed him that coming out could ?help change our lives.?

That encounter, he said, ?hit me like a gut punch. I realized how important it is, in this day and age, to be visible, have people know who you are.? After noting that he wanted to to steer clear of politics, he added, ?You see at this moment how rights are getting stripped from people so quickly. Who are the easiest people to take rights from? People that are invisible, people that are staying silent.? 

?When you are accomplishing incredible things and you?re hiding who you are, you?re hurting hundreds of millions of people,? he said. ?So, by us staying quiet, we?re partially to blame for kids getting beat up and ridiculed, stereotypes and stigmas. If you don?t like them, you need to be visible, to change them.? He went to offer praise for men who have been labeled ?sissies? for their effeminate behavior, noting, ?They?re the strongest because they didn?t have a choice. Those guys are incredible and so, so amazing.?  

In a Friday interview with People, Newman cited his southern upbringing as the reason why he?d remained silent about his sexuality until this week. ?I didn?t really think about it really as hiding. I never thought of myself as being in a closet or hidden,? he said. ?It just was that I didn?t really feel like talking about my private life.?

Thrilled to see you living authentically, Daniel! 

For the latest in LGBTQ entertainment, check out the Queer Voices newsletter.

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Trump Skips Out On Signing Executive Orders After Reporter’s Question About Flynn

President Donald Trump walked out of the Oval Office on Friday without signing two executive orders he had just touted to the press. The disappearing act occurred as a reporter asked the president about his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

In a video of the event by Politico, Trump talked up the orders, both concerning trade policies, which he had complained are culpable in the ?theft of America?s prosperity,? CNN reported. He called foreign nations that abuse the system ?cheaters,? noted USA Today. ?From now on, those who break the rules will face the consequences, and they?ll be very severe consequences.?

He concluded at a lectern in the Oval Office before reporters: ?You?re going to see some very, very strong results very, very quickly.? 

As Trump walked away from the lectern, a reporter called out a question about Flynn, asking the president if a tweet he?d sent earlier in the day was ?trying to tell the Justice Department to grant immunity to Michael Flynn? to testify before congressional committees investigating Russian involvement in the Trump campaign. Trump continued walking ? out the door and didn?t acknowledge the question. 

Flynn has offered to testify about his Russian contacts in hearings before the House and Senate intelligence committees ? but only if he were granted immunity, which hasn?t been granted. Trump tweeted Friday that he ?should? ask for immunity and called the investigation into Russian connections a ?witch hunt.?

Vice President Mike Pence appeared to speak to Trump just before the president ducked out of the room, perhaps trying to persuade him to return to his desk, where the orders remained unsigned. Trump made a gesture to Pence that seemed to indicate he wanted the vice president to bring the documents to him. Pence then returned to the president?s desk to gather up the orders and followed Trump out the door. The president signed the orders out of sight of the media, CNN reported.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro, the director of the White House National Trade Council, had watched as Trump touted the orders.

The first order requires a report by the Commerce Department on the causes of the U.S. trade imbalance within 90 days, focusing on 16 trading partners. The second calls for developing a strategy for customs agents to use current anti-dumping laws to crack down more effectively on foreign manufacturers who flood the market with underpriced products to undermine U.S. companies.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage articlesList=58deae2ee4b0ba359594c3ba,58c310a7e4b0a0cee66ecabd,58a7833de4b045cd34c1bd21

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Here’s An Old Hollywood Movie You Should Watch If You Loved ‘Get Out’

By now, you?re probably aware that Jordan Peele considers his movie ?Get Out? to be a ?social thriller? ? a genre he coined himself. 

The film has been both a box-office and critical success, earning over $150 million in ticket sales and settling at a 99 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (with only one negative review).

During a long media cycle for the movie, Jordan Peele appeared on numerous podcasts, including ?Fresh Air? and ?Nerdist,? and showed up in print publications, such as GQ and The New York Times. The Huffington Post suggested that ?Get Out? is the type of movie the Oscars should pay attention to, and praised the ending as ?a reason to go to the movies.?

If you?re reading this, you are probably, like us, already craving another great ?social thriller? to watch ASAP. 

Although it may be a while before a new movie comes out, it?s already possible to discover an older film that may be brand new to you. During numerous interviews, Peele referenced ?The Stepford Wives? as a good choice.

But in any case, it was a welcome surprise when streaming movie service Warner Archive reached out about a new curation by old Hollywood podcast host extraordinaire Karina Longworth, the creator of the popular ?You Must Remember This.?

The curated list, which mostly focuses on movies from the mid-1900s, including ?West Point? (1928), ?Bombshell? (1933), ?The Star? (1952) and ?The Prince and the Showgirl? (1957), features a flick that might just interest ?Get Out? fans.

Here?s Longworth talking to the Warner Archive about the 1942 movie ?Cat People.?

I think the most essential film on the list is ?Cat People.? It?s definitely something I would recommend for people who think they don?t like horror movies. It?s a masterclass in filmmaking with budgetary limitations, and its political allegory (critiquing the idea of American security as being synonymous with homogeneity, and the fear of the other) couldn?t be more timely. 

HuffPost sent a few follow-up questions Longworth?s way to get a further explanation of ?Cat People? and its role in culture. Her responses are below.

You said ?Cat People? is the most essential film on this list in your mind, due to its ability to create a successful political allegory on a low budget. Could you talk a bit more in length about the message the movie was trying to present and your understanding of how it was received?

Longworth: There?s a part in the ?YMRT? episode I did on ?Cat People?s? producer Val Lewton, in which Lewton is in a meeting at RKO and an executive says to him, ?Remember, we don?t want any ?messages? in our movies.? Lewton responded, ?Sorry, but my movies do have messages. The message is, death is good.? 

That deliberate antagonism of his bosses aside, all of Lewton?s films intentionally used the horror/thriller genre as an excuse to make movies about social and psychological life in the post-war world. In ?Cat People,? Lewton depicts a cheerful, peace time America that equates a secure society with a homogenous one.

The ?monster? is the foreign other who has infiltrated the American family by marrying a boring American man, and in a foreshadowing of the 1950s? totally mixed-up ideas about women and sex, this exotic creature has to remain chaste in order to keep the monster locked up inside her.

If I had to explain what Lewton meant by the idea that his ?message? is that ?death is good,? I?d point to the fact that the harbinger of death in ?Cat People? is also the film?s most sympathetic character, and is absolutely a victim of social circumstance. ?Cat People? was a massive hit, probably because all of these ideas were subliminal rather than overt. 

Do you see parallels between ?Cat People? and Jordan Peele?s recent stated goal to make social commentary horror (such as ?Get Out?)? Do you think ?Cat People? can be considered a urtext for that genre (if not necessarily for Peele specifically)?

I think the genre of horror (or, supernatural fiction) has been frequently used as a vehicle for social commentary and criticism. I wouldn?t call ?Cat People? the single urtext, because it?s not part of the first or second wave of socially conscious supernatural films.

Certainly it is a classic, but it was actually probably more innovative in its visual style than in its social content. In terms of looking for other foundational films, prior to ?Cat People,? a lot of the monster movies of the 1930s, including ?King Kong? and ?Frankenstein,? and two of my favorites, ?Mad Love? and ?The Walking Dead,? use the stories of monsters, and the idea of a porous line between life and death, to critique society.

If there is one single urtext, maybe it?s Mary Shelley?s ?Frankenstein.? 

Watch the trailer for ?Cat People? below.

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Woody Harrelson Is Not Smoking Weed Anymore

Woody Harrelson has decided to pass on grass.

When asked what misconceptions people have about him, the actor revealed that he hasn?t smoked marijuana in nearly a year.

?I actually stopped smoking pot almost a year ago,? Harrelson told Vulture in an interview published Monday.

That?s not to say that pot isn?t a ?great drug,? he said. ?Even cops say that the side effect is euphoria.?

Harrelson has spent over a decade on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, USA Today noted. It?s just that after ?30 solid years of just partying too fucking hard,? the 55-year-old Harrelson seems ready to take it easy. The married father of three daughters said the drug also prevents him from being ?emotionally available.?

Harrelson noted that he still drinks, but in moderation.

His current project, ?Wilson,? is set for release on Friday.

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I wanted to go on the high dive but it just felt too high up to do it in The other kids were doing it with no problem..
iframe src=”!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3312.8735546661155!2d-84.38437468470555!3d33.86714943490875!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x88f50f6cf14591c1%3A0x31350c050950c557!2sLice+Happens!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1469018267768″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen>I wanted to go on the high dive but it just felt too high up to do it in The other kids were doing it with no problem.